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Conductivity is depending on Density ? 

The chart is showing the correlation between electric and thermal conductivities

Correlation density.jpg

Material electric conductivities table depending on their densities

This chart shows the ratio of metallic fiber conductivities to their densities. It clearly shows which are the lightest and most conductive metals (Siemens/(g/cm3)).

  • In this case, lithium and aluminium seems to be the best materials but other parameters also have to be considered such as: mechanical strength, corrosion, temperature and fatigue resistance, hot spot risk, cost etc..

For composite parts, the complete assembly relative density also has to be considered : for instance, stainless steel fibers have a density of 7,9 g/cm3, but our composite material in PAM/stainless steel fibers has a density below 4g/cm3 !

Conductive yarn properties table

Correlation density 2.jpg

This table is just an indication to show that no yarn is perfect but it has to be selected depending on given criteria.

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