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Energy Transfer Driven Company


" The biggest potential for innovation is at the crossroad of materials, technologies and people "

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Who We are ? 

Our Mission is to bring Energy transfer from the initial stage through final proof of performance.

As a Vision, we have an Intellectual Property driven strategy in development of new technology in communication and heat control.

What We do ?

We are a Manufacturer of flexible metallic conductive or heating wires and conductive textiles structures for energy transfer.

Our Markets

1 - Heating yarns or fabrics for multi-layer or composite parts functionalization

  • Heating fabric and textile for manufacturing of heating molds for curing of complex shape composite parts.
  • Heating fabric for de-icing application for functionalized composite parts : aerospace, telecommunication antennas, buildings, civil works.

  • Industrial applications: automotive, aviation, energy, vacuum bags, heating and curing, plastic parts

  • Heated Matresses

2 - Flexible elements for Electronic purposes : Smart textile, RFID antennas, connected clothes, connection

  • Heating or conductive yarns, cables or fabrics

  • Yarn or surface form sensors, industrially washable RFID yarns or threads.

  • Elastic and washable connection yarns for functionalization.

3 - High temperature, hot gas filtration and catalysis

  • Industrial, automotive or hollow glass industries
  • Transportation or handling of hot materials susceptible to marking: aluminium, composite process, metallurgy

  • Braids and sealing solutions for the high temperature industry

  • Yarns and membranes for gas burners and hot gas filtration

  • Catalysis supports for the chemical industry

Dekoron® Unitherm Products

Dekoron Unitherm’s pre-insulated and heat traced tubing has played a vital role in the oil and gas, food, power, and pharmaceutical industries.

These tubing products are regularly employed in the harshest environments, including demanding petrochemical applications, power plants, refineries, and off-shore platforms in cold-weather regions.

These products are used for a wealth of applications, including process analysis, process transport piping systems, and steam & condensate delivery.


We distribute their products in France, Italy and Belgium.

Contact Us


Tibtech Innovations

2A rue Pierre Antoine Delahousse
Parc d’Activités Pierre Mauroy
F - 59223 RONCQ


✆ ‭03 20 85 10 73‬

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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