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Metallic or conductive yarns and fabrics for energy transfer within flexible structures or composite parts:

Heting grid TIBTECH

Metallic yarns and flexible conductive or functionalization structures:

We design and manufacture flexible, metallic, conductive or heating yarns in our workshop for energy transfer purposes. We can place these yarns in fabrics or flexible structures adapted to your requirements.

What we mean by Energy transfer:

  • Electric or electro-magnetic energy
  • Optical energy
  • Thermal energy (transfers controlled by materials or fluids)
  • Chemical energy

What we mean by conductive or resistive fibers :

  • Special metallic or stainless steel alloys fibers
  • Carbon fibers
  • Metal, grafted or coated fibers
  • Multicomponent yarns with doped thermoplastics or resins
  • Optical fibers
  • Capillary fibers or micro-tubes for thermal transfer fluids

What we mean by flexible structures:

  • Easy to bend or fold multi-filaments, yarns or fabrics, withstanding mechanical bending or thermal cycle fatigue stress, or washing constraints
  • Flexible multi-layer composite material structures
  • Flexible materials to be inserted into rigid composite parts with complex shapes
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