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Heating, de-icing or conductive fabrics

Tibgrid®: flexible heating fabrics and heating textiles

Tibgrid heating fabrics integrate a heating yarn attached to a textile support which is light and open to facilitate its integration. The Tibgrid heating fabric is characterized by:
  • The heating circuit width.
  • The pitch of the circuit (i.e. gap between each sinusoid of the heating yarn): from 4mm to 20mm.
  • Heating yarn type: non insulated "N" or insulated "I" with different conductivities.
  • The presence of selvedges (additional support fabric aside the heating circuit) to ease the Tibgrid fabric integration.
See picture below.

  • The pitch can be adapted to your areal power heating requirements.
  • Standard version: 100mm width with 10mm pitch.
  • Easy to be inserted between two composite or textile layers thanks to its open structure.
  • A version of the Tibgrid fabrics also exists with a double heating circuits in order to:
    • Have a redundant heating grid, for instance for aerospace applications.
    • Have a higher areal power without increasing the thickness.
    • Ease the connection: the input and output of the circuit are at the same place.

  • Fabrics for composite parts functionalization: heating and de-icing. The fabrics are completely integrated within the part.
  • Medical and sport: fomentation, heating pads or cushion, heating gloves or jackets.
  • Other flexible heating structures.

The Tibgrid® fabric is sold by rolls: minimum order length is 10 meters.

If you want to perform the power or temperature calculations yourself, click on this link to download our calculator.

Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH bobine Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH infrarouge

Tibgrid-Stretch: elastic heating textile

The Tibgrid-Stretch is made of a sinusoidal electrical heating circuit attach to an elastic fabric:

  • In addition to applications with elastic or stretchable cloth or layers, it allows easier layout on complex shapes , or to follow curves on a flat surface, specially when they are pre-positioned on a PLACETECH structure

  • Perfectly adapted to:

    • fabric for complex shape composite parts functionalization:
      • Composites: heating silicon vacuum bags (out of autoclave process), complex parts functionalization (e.g. parabolic antennas).
      • De-icing of composite parts through easy laying on complex shapes!
      • Ultralight version of TIBGRIDSTRETCH are very interesting to use in complex shapes where light weight is compulsory. Heating control by zone is also easily possible.
      • Of , it can also be used through simple stretchable laying process of complex shape or ultra light heating molds.

    • heating of stretchable or close to the skin garments:
      • TIBRIDSTRETCH is used in sport, boating, medical, workwear or other SMART textiles: stretchable heating fabric compatible with high stretch fabrics and compatible with breathability and moisture control.

Example: Tibgrid-Stretch 95 ISO-IC-0,48-p8 datasheet, click here

Placement en forme courbe du tibgrid stretch sur Placetech Tibgrid stretch

PLACETECH: semi-adhesive flexible glass grid for easy TIBGRID heating structure pre-positioning

Placetech is a light semi-adhesive flexible grid:
  • Facilitates the pre-positioning of our heating fabric (TIBGRID) or ribbon (THERMOSTRETCH).
  • Attaching, detaching and attaching again a structure is possible on the Placetech
    see photographs here joint !
  • This can allow you to prepare your heating fabrics shapes on the TIBGRID support cut to the size or your composite parts beforehand! It can lead you to a good process time gain.
  • Made from fiber glass.
  • Sold by rolls:
    • Width: 110cm.
    • Opening: 5mm x 5mm.
    • Density: 60g/m².
Grille semi-adhésive et souple Pré-placement repositionnable du TIBGRID sur Grille Placetech semi-adhésive et souple

Heatdesign: fit for purpose heating cloth

TIBTECH can design and manufacture fit for purpose heating or de-icing fabric:
  • Areal power from 100 to more than 7000 Watts/m²: often between 100 to 300 Watts/m² for de-icing applications, and more for heating.
  • Possibility to split the surface into zones with different areal power.
  • Easy to insert within complex composite or plastic parts.
  • Maximum dimensions of the fabric are 500mm x 700mm. Several elements can be assembled to make a larger surface.
  • Various textile supports available: elastic, high temperature resistant.

  • Composite or plastic parts.
  • Medical.
  • Smart textile.
  • Sport.
vision infra rouge du heatdesign
vision infra rouge du heatdesign

Tibtiss-Isowatt: large width flexible heating woven fabric with constant areal power

Heating or deicing fabric for rectangular surface:
  • Woven and flexible structure which is very open to ease the flow of impregnation media (resin or thermoplastics) for composite applications.
  • Integrate parallel resistive yarns connected together by conductive selvedge: constant areal power no matter how long the part is.
  • Spacing between selvedge: 200cm.
  • Applications: composite, civil engineering, energy.

Thermotape heating ribbons or Conductape conductive ribbons

Thermotape heating flexible ribbons:
  • Easy to be inserted during the clothing into textile flexible structures or into rigid parts with complex shape.
  • Can easily be integrated within rigid parts with complex shapes.
  • Available in different width and powers.
  • Homogeneous heating power.
  • Power spread over the fabric: great heating power with a low thickness.
  • One version of TIBTAPE narrow-fabric can be attracted by magnet.
  • Machine-washable.
Flexible conductive or magnetizable ribbon Conductape:
  • High conductivity narrow ribbon.
  • High maximum current with great flexibility.
  • Available with different width.
  • Machine-washable.
  • New version available: 30mm wide, less than 1mm thick and maximum admissible current up to 30 Amps.
TIBTECH Ruban aimantable

Heatpads: heating pre-connected pads

Heatpads are very flexible and breathable:
  • Patented modular connection concept TIBTECH Inside: modular connections and electronic power controller.
  • Electrical tensions:
    • 3,7 volts.
    • 7,4 volts.
    • 12,0 volts.
  • Perfectly adapted to heating clothes: jacket, gloves, or other healthcare or sport applications.
  • Can easily be integrated within composite or multi-layer parts.
Please contact us for more information regarding the compatible electrical tensions or power.
Heatpads 12 volts from TIBTECH

Cocoonheat: insulated heating fabric or tarpaulin

De-icing or heating fit for purpose sleeves:
  • Very flexible and suitable for different diameters.
  • Heating temperature from 10 to 160°C.
  • High temperature version covered with a very resistant Teflon support.
  • Attachment or adjustment rings available (option).
Couverture chauffante

Tiblox: New micro-porous 100% stainless steel membrane

Ultra light micro-porous filtration media in 100% stainless steel for high temperature filtration or compressive filtration seals:
  • Very low density.
  • Semi-rigid.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Can also be shaped in honeycomb structures to manufacture lightweight panels.
  • Applications:
    • Polymer filtration.
    • Please question us!
    • To realize high temperature compressive seals.
    • Multi-layer high temperature protections.
    • Electromagnetic shielding.
Tiblox paper

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