TIBTECH innovations


Heating, de-icing or conductive fabrics or narrow fabrics

Antistatic or conductive narrow fabrics CONDUCTAPE

Conductape : Non insulated flexible narrow fabric based on highly conductive metals for flexible electronics or shielding joints or seals :
  • Can be used as non insulated flexible conductive ribbon, it can be used for flexible connectivity
  • When used as non insulated flexible conductive ribbon, it can be used for safety grounding , washable flexible Connectivity high temperature withstanding when made out of aramid
  • Easy to be embedded into composites or textiles during the garment-making process.
  • Available in different width and powers.
  • Standard width of 10mm. thickness of less than 1mm - other width possible for MOQ of 1000m
  • Good flexibility and mechanical fatigue withstanding, as well as washables. Max temperature of use 90°C.

  • New version available : 30mm wide, less than 1mm thick and maximum admissible current up to 30 Amps.
Magnet attractable narrow fabric : TIBTAPE-MAGNET : 10mm width :
  • New version also available with blue color PU impregnation : 10mm width.
  • Please question us !
TIBTECH ruban souple conducteur conductape-aram 8 TIBTECH Ruban de support résistant à hautes temprératures TIBTECH Ruban aimantable, imprégnation PU Bleu TIBTECH ruban souple aimantable 10mm

Thermostretch: Stretchable and washable conductive heating or deicing ribbon

Thermostretch stretchable heating ribbons are similar to Condustretch but adapted to strainfull heating applications :
  • "N" non insulated or "I" insulated versions exist.
  • Designed for low voltage (3 to 24 volts).
  • Easily inserted within garments.
    In insulated version, they will withstand washing processes while keeping their stretchability

  • Quelques exemples d'applications ou l'élasticité peut etre intéressante: (réservée aus industriels transformateurs)");?>
    • diving suit or heating garment
    • motorbile seats, vest or car battery connected car seat heating pads
    • accessories or heating jackets for animals
    • medical or veterinary applications
    • heating accessories for incubators or livestock, or for sprouting seedings or forcing plants
    • deicing or pre-heating of pipes or industrials containers

    This list is of course not exhaustive and can be extended!

TIBTECH thermostretch I7 isolé Thermostretch isolé

Condustretch : Electro conductive stretchable connecting BUS narrow fabric, with insulated conductive wires

Stretchable conductive Narrow fabrics Condustretch are perfectly adapted to sensor connexions, data or energy transfer within washable multilayers structures or composite parts :

Standard version or Condustretch duo (input and output):

  • Can help to pre-position the connections within thermoplastic flat parts which will later undergo thermoforming or press-forming.
  • A version exists with several conductive yarns in parallel which makes a data bus elastic in all directions (contrary to "flex" electronics circuits).
  • They are well adapted to sport or medical clothes or for robotics.
  • Specific versions with controlled elongation are adapted to strain monitoring.
  • Connection within washable clothes is one of the main applications of the Condustretch.

Multi conductive yarns Condustretch version:

  • Bus élastique possédant un grand nombre de conducteurs ultrafins isolés idéale pour les utilisation en robotique, connectique complexe ou élements noyés dans une structure thermoplastique ou thermoformable.
  • Existe également avec un espace central pour permettre une couture facile au centre.
TIBTECH condustretch isolé ultra fin TIBTECH condustretch-multiconducteurs

Tibtiss-Isowatt: large width flexible heating woven fabric with constant areal power

Heating or deicing fabric for rectangular surface :
  • Woven and flexible structure which is very open to ease the flow of impregnation media (resin or thermoplastics) for composite applications.
  • Integrate parallel resistive yarns connected together by conductive selvedge : constant areal power no matter how long the part is.
  • Spacing between selvedge : 200cm.
  • Applications : composite, civil engineering, energy.

Heatpads : heating pre-connected pads

Heatpads are very flexible and breathable :
  • Patented modular connection concept TIBTECH Inside : modular connections and electronic power controller.
  • Electrical tensions :
    • 3,7 volts.
    • 7,4 volts.
    • 12,0 volts.
  • Perfectly adapted to heating clothes : jacket, gloves, or other healthcare or sport applications.
  • Can easily be integrated within composite or multi-layer parts.
Please contact us for more information regarding the compatible electrical tensions or power.
Heatpads 12 volts from TIBTECH

Cocoonheat: insulated heating fabric or tarpaulin

De-icing or heating fit for purpose sleeves :
  • Very flexible and suitable for different diameters.
  • Heating temperature from 10 to 160°C.
  • High temperature version covered with a very resistant Teflon support.
  • Attachment or adjustment rings available (option).
Couverture chauffante

Tiblox : New micro-porous 100% stainless steel membrane

Ultra light micro-porous filtration media in 100% stainless steel for high temperature filtration or compressive filtration seals :
  • Very low density.
  • Semi-rigid.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Can also be shaped in honeycomb structures to manufacture lightweight panels.
  • Applications :
    • Polymer filtration.
    • Please question us !
    • To realize high temperature compressive seals.
    • Multi-layer high temperature protections.
    • Electromagnetic shielding.
Tiblox paper