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Electromagnetic shielding, heating or de-icing fabric for functionalization of composites parts

Tibgrid®: flexible heating fabrics and heating textiles for composite parts and tooling.

Tibgrid heating fabrics integrate a heating yarn attached to a textile support which is light and open to facilitate its integration. The Tibgrid heating fabric is characterized by:
  • The heating circuit width.
  • The pitch of the circuit (i.e. gap between each sinusoid of the heating yarn): from 4mm to 20mm.
  • Heating yarn type: non insulated "N" or insulated "I" with different conductivities.
  • The presence of selvedges (additional support fabric aside the heating circuit) to ease the Tibgrid fabric integration.
See picture below.

  • The pitch can be adapted to your areal power heating requirements.
  • Can easily be inserted between two composite or textile layers thanks to its open structure. The fabric is therefore completely embedded into the material.
  • A version of the Tibgrid fabrics also exists with a double heating circuits in order to:
    • Have a redundant heating grid, for instance for aerospace applications.
    • Have a higher areal power without increasing the thickness.
    • Ease the connection: the input and output of the circuit are at the same place.

  • Composite functionalization: de-icing or heating.
  • Electrically heatable molds: out of autoclave process for curing, infiltration (RTM) or preforming for composite manufacturing.

The Tibgrid® fabric is sold by rolls: minimum order length is 10 meters.

Pour déterminer vous même les caractéristiques de votre nappe tibgrid, cliquez sur ce lien.

Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH bobine Tibgrid ISO 7 TIBTECH infrarouge

Tibgrid-Stretch: elastic heating textile

The Tibgrid-Stretch is made of a sinusoidal electrical and heating circuit attach to an elastic fabric:

  • Fit concave or convex shapes.
  • Perfectly adapted to:
    • Composites: heating silicon vacuum bags (out of autoclave process), complex parts functionalization (e.g. parabolic antennas).
    • Elastic heating clothes for sport, medical or smart textile applications.

Example: Tibgrid-Stretch 95 ISO-IC-0,48-p8 datasheet, click here.

Tibgrid stretch

Heatdesign: fit for purpose heating cloth

TIBTECH can design and manufacture fit for purpose heating or de-icing fabric:
  • Areal power from 100 to more than 7000 Watts/m²: often between 100 to 300 Watts/m² for de-icing applications, and more for heating.
  • Possibility to split the surface into zones with different areal power.
  • Easy to insert within complex composite or plastic parts.
  • Maximum dimensions of the fabric are 500mm x 700mm. Several elements can be assembled to make a larger surface.
  • Various textile supports available: elastic, high temperature resistant.

  • Composite or plastic parts.
  • Medical.
  • Smart textile.
  • Sport.
vision infra rouge du heatdesign vision infra rouge du heatdesign heatdesign

Tibmesh: conductive fabric for electromagnetic shielding, thermal gradient homogenization or lightning and electrical shock hazard risk mitigation

Very thin, light and flexible cloth.
  • When used with our heating fabrics:
    • Thermal gradient homogenization: better spreading of the heat produced by the heating circuit. The conductive cloth which is usually inserted between the heating fabric and the outer layer of the composite mold or composite part.
    • Safety: except for low tension applications, we strongly recommend to connect the Tibmesh conductive fabric to the ground. In case of accidental damage of the mold or composite part, the Tibmesh conductive cloth will greatly limit the electrical shock hazard.
  • Electromagnetic shielding.
  • Induction heating for composite parts or thermal adhesive for the stainless version.
  • Composite part lightning protection, especially for aviation.

Commercialized in two versions:
  • Tibmesh (75g/m²) stainless steel: sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.
  • Tibmesh Cu copper base (75g/m²): sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.

Note: sale by the meter is possible: Link to purchase Tibmesh fabric by the meter / Link to purchase Tibmesh Cu fabric by the meter

Tibshield: antistatic, electromagnetic shielding or electrical connexion very thin conductive fabric

We offer two types of the light and conductive Tibshield fabrics:
  • Tibshield TIAD35-NP:
    • Areal weight: 85 g/m².
    • Rip stop reinforced woven structure.
    • Shielding above 70dB for frequencies between 3 to 10MHz.
    • Sold in 10m long 1.4m wide rolls.
  • Tibshield TISDI-135-PN:
    • Areal weight: 45 g/m².
    • Very open, thin and flexible fabric.
    • Shielding for frequencies between 3 MHz and 10 MHz higher than 50dB.
    • Sold in 10m long 1.4m wide rolls.

You can purchase samples online using the below link: link to purchase Tibshield fabric by the meter.

TIBTECH light tibshield

Placetech: semi-adhesive flexible fiber glass grid for pre-positioning

Placetech is a semi-adhesive flexible grid:
  • Made from fiber glass.
  • Facilitates the pre-positioning of a fabric (Tibgrid) or ribbon (Condustretch ou Thermostretch).
  • Attaching, detaching and attaching again a structure is possible on the Placetech.
  • Sold by rolls:
    • Width: 110cm.
    • Opening: 5mm x 5mm.
    • Density: 60g/m².
Grille semi-adhésive et souple

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