SILVERPAM 250 : Grafted antibacterial silver thread

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SILVERPAM 250 : grafted antibacterial silve thread.

Count : 250 dtex.

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Resistance260 ohms/m
Count250 dtex
Other metal yarnsEMs Shielding and Antistatic Yarns

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In your everyday life you are used to use different smart objects : smart phone, smart TV, smart car, smart-everything and everywhere…


Why not creating your own intelligent materials? You can render an ordinary textile smart and usable for different innovative applications due to our Highly Conductive Silverpam threads!


Create your own circuits for sensors, actuators, electronic signal and data  transfer for sports wear, smart gloves, home and wearable textiles, medical care and workwear environment and for many other smart textile applications.

Make your gloves tactile easily ! Sew a small conductive dot on your glove index with the Silverpam 250 !

Due to the 99% pure silver graft on a polyamide core Silverpam can be used for antistatic, conductive, antibacterial , magnetic shielding and other purposes.


Having a good elongation Silverpam is suitable for warp and weft knitting, sewing, weaving, braiding, embroidering, twisting with other materials etc

You can regulate the electrical resistance by using more or less of Silverpam material. More material leads to lower resistance.

Care instructions: washing up to 30°C without whitening and oxidizing washing agents, that can that can bring to deterioration or loss of conductivity. Protect your circuit before washing.

Connection :  by crimping, with conductive glue, by using conductive press, by embroidering of several stiches

Different versions:

Silverpam 95 dtex : resistivity +-800 Ohms/m

Silverpam 290 dtex : 3-ply yarn, Z, résistivity +-285 Ohms/m

Silverpam superstretch : New silverpam version associating high stretch and very good conductivity : up to sixty percent of elongation and only 120 ohms per meter in stretched form !

For more information, please visit our website ici.

TIBTECH Innovations will not be held responsible for any mishap or problem due to a non-conform use of this products.


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SILVERPAM 250 : Grafted antibacterial silver thread

SILVERPAM 250 : Grafted antibacterial silver thread

SILVERPAM 250 : grafted antibacterial silve thread.

Count : 250 dtex.