100% PBO Spun Nm 28/2

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100% PBO Spun NM 28/2 (Zylon®) - yarn with high mechanical and thermal performance

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PBO fiber -  poly(p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) is a part of LCP family ( liquid-crystalline polyoxazole) Its performance is higher then para-aramide.

Although remaining very flexible and textile, PBO is very resistant fiber mechanically and to cutting.

It can be used at temperatures of about 400 ° C.

Its thermal resistance is also among the highest of technical yarns (degradation temperature: 650 ° C)

High tensile strength (37cN / dtex), elongation at break of +/- 3%

Color: yellow orange



- creep resistant

- high anti-cutting performance

- minimal temperature shrinkage,

- abrasion resistant

- good mechanical fatigue resistance


Special precautions:

• PBO yarn remains relatively sensitive to UV, it should be protected from excess light.

• Warning ! Since the wire is very strong, it can cause cuts if you try to break it manually.



Examples of applications :

glassware, filtration, welding or foundry protection, joints, concrete reinforcements, firefighter's protective equipment, anti-cutting gloves, ballistic protection,  rope and braiding, fabrics, composite aircraft, aerospace, pneumatics

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100% PBO Spun Nm 28/2

100% PBO Spun Nm 28/2

100% PBO Spun NM 28/2 (Zylon®) - yarn with high mechanical and thermal performance