Heated Fleece Jacket (Cobalt Blue)

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Polar heating sub-jacket with membrane thinsulate of 3M ®. Supplied with his(her) compact and refillable battery Li / ion.

Its strength ? Its 4 heating zones in the neck, on the trunk and in the back! This essential warming vest allows you to face the cold and the wind of contrary of most of the existing products! 

With a sober and uncluttered design, it can be worn in half season either skip under an outside coat in case of big colds. In any event the heat stays as closely as possible to the body! It is intended for all those who are subjected to the cold, in every type of activity, the work, sports or the leisure activities.

An original and ideal gift in festive period!

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Optimized breathable and waterproof sub-vest, polar fiber and heating input

This heating sub-vest combines heating grids with fleece and 3M THINSULATE® insulating assets which gives you an efficient and comfortable heat. The disposition of heating patches is calculated in order to adapt to your morphology*, and to minimise the enery needs. It uses a very small and compact battery (only 109 gr!)

in the back, in the chest and in the neck (See pictures)


A heating neck back

The sub-vest has a heating neck back which gives you a heat sensation all over your neck for comfort. It makes the sub-vest unique because lots of sub-jacket on the market has not this kind of neck back.


Dedicated to hobbies, outside workers or people who suffer from cold

Perfect for sport and hobbies (footing, running, cycling, gardening, riding, hunting, skiing, golfing, paragliding, walking, fishing, or other outside hobby). Because it is a sleeveless sub-vest it is also perfect for people who work outside or within cold buildings because it is very easy to wear, even with a jacket, a coat or a uniform on top.


According to customers experience, we can ensure that people who are sensitive to cold temperatures, to humidity or rheumatism really appreciate the assets of this sub-vest.


Very light and compact battery with 4 power levels in order to optimize autonomy

Its battery has 4 different power levels which gives you a high flexibility to heat the sub-vest. Thanks to that battery, you can adapt the heat of the sub-vest to your environment.


Furhermore, this adjustable levels of power optimize the autonomy of the battery as you can read :              



Operation time

Approximate Temperatures



51~55°C – 123.8~131°F



46~50°C – 114.8~122°F



37~42°C – 98.6~107.6°F



32~37°C – 89.6~98.6°F


Workers and Professionals

For workers who are outside all day long, on « 3 x 8 » market, we advice to buy additionaly a pack of batteries in order to use it all day long without interruption.


Using Advice

Please, to clean the sub-vest, wash it by hands or in wahsing machine with the 30°c cycle. If you would like to use the washing machine, in order to avoid a brutal torsion of heating yarns, the best solution we recommend to you is to roll-up the sub-vest and put it within the bag delivered with it.

Do not use a dryer for the sub-vest to avoid a destruction of the connexion inside. We recommend to hang up the sub-vest.

To tidy the sub-vest, the best solution is to put it in a hanger closet or to roll-up.


Offer details : Colors, Sizes and delivery time

5 different colors available : Grey, Pink, Blue, Cobalt Blue and Black

5 different sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL

Delivery time : 72 hours, work days.


The offer is including the heating sub-vest, the Lithium-ion battery (7.4V), the charger and the connexion.


TIBTECH Innovations will not be hold responsible for any mishap or problem due to a non-conform use of this products.


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