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Narrow flexible metal micro fibers band, that are conductive, heating, shielding, or high temperature withstanding.

Antistatic or conductive narrow fabrics CONDUCTAPE

Conductape : Non insulated flexible narrow fabric based on highly conductive metals for flexible electronics or shielding joints or seals :
  • Can be used as non insulated flexible conductive ribbon, it can be used for flexible connectivity
  • When used as non insulated flexible conductive ribbon, it can be used for safety grounding , washable flexible Connectivity high temperature withstanding when made out of aramid
  • Easy to be embedded into composites or textiles during the garment-making process.
  • Available in different width and powers.
  • Standard width of 10mm. thickness of less than 1mm - other width possible for MOQ of 1000m
  • Good flexibility and mechanical fatigue withstanding, as well as washables. Max temperature of use 90°C.

  • New version available : 30mm wide, less than 1mm thick and maximum admissible current up to 30 Amps.
Magnet attractable narrow fabric : TIBTAPE-MAGNET : 10mm width :
  • New version also available with blue color PU impregnation : 10mm width.
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TIBTECH ruban souple conducteur conductape-aram 8 TIBTECH Ruban de support résistant à hautes temprératures TIBTECH Ruban aimantable, imprégnation PU Bleu TIBTECH ruban souple aimantable 10mm