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Stainless steel contact materials for handling hot glass or other high temperature materials:

hot glass process, metallurgy, hot gas filtration and catalysis

Tibloch: stainless steel quench tapes from TIBTECH for automotive hot glass quenching or forming

  • Tibloch 720: width 60mm, 75 g/m, opening of +- 9mm, 100% inox Spuntech.
    Large openings to optimize the cold airflow, for a better quenching efficiency, without marking the glass.

  • Tibloch 100: width 100mm, 200 g/m, very precise squared openings of 2,5 mm; 100% inox Spuntech.
    Very small openings for thin or low bending radius glass parts.
  • Tibloch toile de trempe

    Tibsleeve and Elastisleeve: high temperature stainless steel sleeves

    Removes the risk of marking on the hot glass.

    Tibsleeve inox

    • Ideal for conveyor rollers.
    • Diameters from 1.5 to 85mm.
    • Long lifetime.
    • Great porosity to maximize air exchange and minimize clogging.
    tibsleeve 51

    Tibtape: narrow stainless steel ribbon

    Tibtape: stainless steel contact tapes for the glass industry

    Tibtape ribbons have two different sides:
    • One side is designed to increase the lifetime.
    • The second side is more flexible and limit glass marking risks.
    Selvedges have been added to ease the positioning of the ribbon especially in low bending radius areas.

    Tibtape 45-20

    • 45mm width.
    • 20mm wide central reinforcement.
    • 100% Stainless steel.

    Tibtape 55-20

    • 55mm width.
    • 20mm wide central reinforcement.
    • 100% Stainless steel.

    Other stainless steel tapes

    Minimum width: 5mm. Please contact us for more information.

    Tibfelt: high temperature resistant stainless steel felts

    High temperature resistant flexible stainless steel felts:
    • Available in different thickness or densities.
    • Reinforced by a central structure.
    • Applications: suction cups for the glass industry, thermal protection layer.

    Tibfelt 2,8 - 1500

    • Areal weight: 1500 g/m².
    • Sold with a width of 1500mm and 2.8mm thickness.
    • Stainless steel.
    TIBTECT Tibfelt

    Moldtech: stainless steel knitted fabric

    Knitted contact fabric for hot glass process made from stainless steel micro fibers:
    • Flexible, soft and very resistant.
    • 100% stainless steel micro fibers.
    • Resistant to 700°C.
    • Enhance the glass optical quality during the forming or tempering process.
    • Applications: glass industry and more specifically for the bending process.
    • Cost efficient.

    Moldtech 7

    • 100% Stainless steel.
    • Weight: 1100g/m².
    • Applications: forming of mass market of heavy or technical glass with bending radius constraints.
    toile de contact

    Square or circular stainless steel braids

    TIBTECH proposes round or square stainless steel braids:

    • High temperature resistant (700°C).
    • Exist in hollow or full version.
    • Applications:
      • High temperature joints.
      • Gripping and transportation for hot glass, aluminium or other metals deformable if hot.
      • Roller conveyors of flat glass or aluminium parts.
    TIBTRESS stacker braid TIBTRESS braid

    Tiblox: New micro-porous 100% stainless steel membrane

    Ultra light micro-porous filtration media in 100% stainless steel for high temperature filtration or compressive filtration seals:
    • Very low density.
    • Semi-rigid.
    • High temperature resistant.
    • Can also be shaped in honeycomb structures to manufacture lightweight panels.
    • Applications:
      • Polymer filtration.
      • Please question us!
      • To realize high temperature compressive seals.
      • Multi-layer high temperature protections.
      • Electromagnetic shielding.
    Tiblox paper

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