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Metallic or Stainless steel High temperature withstanding fibers, slivers or spun yarns

SPUNTECH or TIBTAL: stainless steel of FeCrAl fibers spun yarns

Metallic stretch and long fibers spun for enhanced performances:
  • SPUNTECH: stretch-broken stainless steel fibers spun yarns: available with different counts and sizes.
    • Main available counts: Nm 6/2, Nm 11,5/2, Nm 11,5/3 ou Nm 15/2.
  • TIBTAL: stretch-broken fiber spun yarns for hot gaz filtration or catalytic applications: available with different counts and sizes.
    • Main available counts: Nm 0,5, Nm 1 Nm 1,3 Nm 3/2 ou Nm 5/2.

Note: the stainless steel density is around 7.8. As a result, a stainless steel yarn with a given count will be far thinner than a synthetic yarn with the same count (its density is usually below 2).
filés de fibres inox TIBTECH

Stainless steel, copper or other alloy fibers

  • Fibers with specific lengths: short or long fibers
  • Special alloy fibers
  • Very short fibers for conductive directional electrical charge
Bourre fibres inox TIBTECH

Stainless steel sliver or wick

Stretch broken fibers:
  • Stretch brocken stainless steel fiber slivers (80-180mm) or short, for 3 cylinder spinning process:
    • Fibers sizes: 8, 12, 22 or 30µm
    • Usual counts: 2,5g/m or 8,5g/m
    • Usually sold in 1kg vacuum package wafer
  • Usual counts: 2,5g/m to 10g/m.
Rubans de fibres

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