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Insulated heating yarns temperature graph

The below graphs show the temperature of our wires depending on the electrical current.
These values have been measured in the open air at room temperature.

Notes concerning the graphs

  • Maximal current indicated here corresponds to the maximum temperature reached on insulating material within outside air at 20°C. This cans be used as indication or comparatively wit other wires in the same type of embedding material, but can be very different when Embedded within another type of material or in contact with metallic part, because of different thermal exchanges.
  • To insure that you ar working within the insulating material , or resin, tolerances, it is therefore important to check that the outside temperature of the wire within the matrix is not exceeding the required limit.

You can also see them in better definition with a click on the charts at right--------------->:

Non-insulated heating yarns temperature graph

Insulated heating yarns temperature graph

Link to the Thermotech wires chart

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