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Conductive or antistatic sewing or embroidery threads, or high temperature yarns


Silverpam : silver grafted conductive yarns

Silverpam is a family of antistatic threads based on 99% pure silver alloy grafted on a polyamide base material :
An example of application : Make your gloves tactile easily ! Sew a small conductive dot on your glove index with the Silverpam 290 !

  • A good elongation at break associated to high electrical conductivity leads to an easy use in most of textiles transformation processes.
  • Can also be easily used in knitting, weaving or braiding, to knit or weave conductive , antistatic or EMS shielding fabrics.
  • Note: for demanding E.M. Shielding applications, multi-layers or 3D technologies can dissipate further the energy of the input signal.
  • Avoid whitening and oxidizing washing agents.

Different versions:

  • Silverpam 95 dtex : resistivity +-800 Ohms/m
  • Silverpam 290 dtex : 3 ply , Z twist, resistivity +-285 Ohms/m
  • Silverpam superstretch : New silverpam version associating high stretch and very good conductivity : up to sixty percent of elongation and only 120 ohms per meter in stretched form !
    Please question us !

Remark: SILVERPAM conductive threads family can often be used with embroidery machines as ZSK or TAJIMA by example for SMART textiles applications.
SILVERPAM antistatic conductive thread from TIBTECH

Datastretch : Flexible and stretchable conductive wire from Tibtech

The Datastretch yarn is stretchable and conductive? It can be used by axample for data transfert in stretchable structures or garments or for sensors or monitoring applications
Datastretch stretchable conductive yarn from TIBTECH

High temperature sewing yarns Thermosew 3Z

For the manufacturing of thermal insulation solutions the yarns, Thermosew 3Z also have a high conductivity and great antistatic safety properties.


  • Z twist and thin PTFE coating to get a better slippage rate of the yarn.
  • High temperature resistant for sewing, embroidery or clothing of thermal insulation solutions.
  • Sweat, oxidation, salty water and industrial washing resistant.
  • Constant electric and thermal conductivities, with or without mechanical stress, which provide them with very good antistatic properties in safety purposes within filters for instance.
  • Very good flexibility which allows small bending radius within textiles or composite parts.
  • High fatigue withstanding.

The Thermosew 3Z is perfect to link thermostable panels with very high temperatures.

Thermosew by TIBTECH

Other ultra-thin sewing yarns

These ultra-thin highly conductive yarns have been developed specifically for demanding applications such as embroidery or knitting.

    Semi-insulated yarn Datatrans:

    Highly conductive ultra-thin and flexible yarn :
    • With up to 4% elongation at break and easy knitting or sewing
    • 4,2Ohms/m
    • 24 volts max
    • An insulated "C" version with a PU impregnation is also available for electronic connection within smart textile or for data transfer.
    • Colors : white or blue.
    They can be used within our elastic ribbon Condustretch duo with multiple conductive yarns.

    Applications :

    • Industrial robotics
    • Medical
    • Electronics
    • Smart Textiles and connections with sensors or actuators
DATATRANS fil conducteur protégé pour transfert de data, by TIBTECH RADIOCLEAR fil conducteur souple non isolé

The non-insulated heating Thermotech "NW" yarns (protected by a binder)

Thermotech NW wires are in fact Thermotech N wires, that are protected by an synthetic warping that allow easier subsequent textiles of RFID processes :
They remain conductive on surface and allow cross conductivity in cas of yarns crossing in weaving, knitting or embroidery. The CONDUCTIB insulated wires are available in the following resistivity range :
  • Thermotech NW14 14,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW30 30,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW60 60,0 ohm/m
TIBTECH Thermotech NW30 avec guipage de protection

.Antistatic brushes for printers or electronics devices

TIBTECH also supplies parallel stainless steel micro-filaments bundles :
  • Nb filaments : 275
  • Titre filament : 14 microns
  • .Very light PVA impregnation to improve the friction
TIBTECH  ruban pour brosses antistatiques

Thermoflex NW : stainless ultra fine micro multi-filaments threads family>

  • Protected by a thin protecting wrapping to facilitate subsequent textile transformation processes.
  • Good flexibility
  • High mechanical and thermal fatigue withstanding.
  • Constant conductivity with or without mechanical stress.
  • Special micro multi-filaments structure, existing in several thicknesses
    • 0,05 gr/m (50 tex), electrical resistivity of 130 Ohms/meter
    • 0,10 gr/m (97 tex), electrical resistivity of 68 Ohms/meter
    • 0,15 gr/m (150 tex), electrical resistivity of 45 Ohms/meter
    • 0,28 gr/m (280 tex), electrical resistivity of 30 Ohms/meter
  • High mechanical strength.
  • High temperature resistant : up to 600°C, or even more when they are protected from oxidation (neutral environment).
  • Outstanding performances for RFID applications, with a very good resistance to industrial washings.
  • Great resistance to sweat, oxidation, salty water and industrial washing.
TIBTECH Thermoflex NW

Tricotine : yarn can be used to make stretchable bonding within furnaces or antistatic connexions

  • Stretchable TRICOTINE braids in 100% SPUNTECH stainless steel micro fibers, are naturally very stretchable and withstand high temperature. They are of good interest for tying heat withstanding contact material within glass furnaces by example :
  • TRICOTINE , a stretchable stainless steel micro filaments braid, is withstanding extreme heat as well as vibrations, thus remaining electro-conductive. It is very interesting in case of flexible antistatic connections
TIBTECH TRICOTINE, fil souple élastique resitant à haute température

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