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Insulated flexible conductive or Heating yarns

Les câbles chauffants , THERMOTECH ou CONDUCTIB sont résistants aux contraintes de flexion, de fatigue ou de lavage.
De sections variables, il faut donc séléctionner leur capacités de transfert de puissance par unité de longeur selon les usages

The insulated heating yarns Thermotech "I" (with high temperature resistant insulation)

  • Very fine and flexible due to its micro fibers composition.
  • Its relatively small thickness allows the optimization of the thickness of intermediate resin layers, and therefore the weight
  • Maximum electric tension of 380 volts.
  • Maximum temperature is 230°C, which can be withstood thanks to high performance coating (PTFE, MFA, PFA or equivalent).
  • Other properties are similar to the ones of the Thermotech "N".

flexible PTFE (PFA or MFA) insulated heating wires THERMOTECH cover a complementary resistivity range to the CONDUCTIB yarns; they have an excellent mechanical and thermal cycles withstanding ability:

  • < CONDUCTIB insulated wires are available in the following resistivity range:

  • 3,6 Ohms/m, 4,6 Ohms/m, 7 Ohms/m, 14 Ohms/m, 23 Ohms/m, 30 Ohms/m

Link to the Thermotech wires chart

Link to the graph of the temperature of the non-insulated wires

Link to the graph of the temperature of the insulated wires

Thermotech isolé

Heating or conductive yarns Conductib

More conductive that THERMOTECH yarns , CONDUCTIB yarns are generally more adapted to larger heating surfaces and characterized by:

  • High conductivity and therefore suitable to deal with higher currents, suitable for larger heating surfaces.
  • Great flexibility.
  • These yarns are designed to transfer electric power or data within the flexible structure.
  • High temperature resistant (230°C) insulated version Conductib "I" available.

Flexible isolated CONDUCTIB yarns are used in conductive, deicing or heating applications on large surfaces, and more specially with high temperature , up to 230°C, constraints!
  • < CONDUCTIB insulated wires are available in the following resistivity range:

  • 0,06 Ohms/m, O,11 Ohms/m, 0,19 Ohms/m, 0,35 Ohms/m, 0,48 Ohms/m, 1,0 Ohm/m
Insulated Conductib

    The non-insulated heating Thermotech "NW" yarns (protected by a binder)

    Thermotech NW wires are in fact Thermotech N wires, that are protected by an synthetic warping that allow easier subsequent textiles of RFID processes:
    They remain conductive on surface and allow cross conductivity in cas of yarns crossing in weaving, knitting or embroidery.
the CONDUCTIB insulated wires are available in the following resistivity range:
  • Thermotech NW14 14,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW30 30,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW60 60,0 ohm/m
TIBTECH Thermotech NW30 avec guipage de protection

Condustretch and Thermostretch: elastic narrow ribbons with integrated conductive or heating wires

Narrow elastic ribbon Condustretch are perfectly adapted to sensor connexions, data or energy transfers within washable or composite parts:
  • Can help to pre-position the connections within thermoplastic flat parts which will later undergo thermoforming or press-forming.
  • A version exists with several conductive yarns in parallel which makes a data bus elastic in all directions (contrary to "flex" electronics circuits).
  • They are well adapted to sport or medical clothes or for robotics.
  • Specific versions with controlled elongation are adapted to strain monitoring.
  • Connection within washable clothes is one of the main applications of the Condustretch.

Thermostretch heating elastic ribbons are similar to Condustretch but adapted to heating applications:
  • "N" non insulated or "I" insulated versions exist.
  • Designed for low voltage (3 to 24 volts).
  • Can easily be integrated within clothes or other flexible heating structures.
TIBTECH Thermostretch TIBTECH condustretch isolé ultra fin TIBTECH condustretch-duo

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