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Sewing or high temperature conductive yarns

Silverpam: silver grafted conductive yarns

Antistatic sewing yarn made of silver grafter fibers:
  • Good conductivity and excellente textile properties.
  • We offer two types of light but very efficient electro-magnetic shielding fabrics.
  • Note: for demanding applications, multi-layers or 3D technologies can dissipate the energy of the input signal.
  • Sensitive to bleaching agents and numerous washing.

Different versions:

  • Silverpam 95 dtex: resistivity +-600 Ohms/m
  • Silverpam 95X3 dtex: resistivity +-200 Ohms/m
  • Silverpam 250 dtex: resistivity +- 260 Ohms/m
Rubans de fibres

Other ultra-thin sewing yarns

These ultra-thin highly conductive yarns have been developed specifically for demanding applications such as embroidery or knitting.

    Semi-insulated yarn Datatrans:

    Highly conductive ultra-thin and flexible yarn:
    • With up to 4% elongation at break and easy knitting or sewing
    • 4,2Ohms/m
    • 24 volts max
    • An insulated "C" version with a PU impregnation is also available for electronic connection within smart textile or for data transfer.
    • Colors: white or blue.
    They can be used within our elastic ribbon Condustretch duo with multiple conductive yarns.


    • Industrial robotics
    • Medical
    • Electronics
    • Smart Textiles and connections with sensors or actuators

    Radioclear NWC: yarn with special conductive coating

    Hybrid yarn with special conductive coating:
    • 1,4Ohms/m
    • 0,14g/m
    • Compatible with embroidery
    • Radio transparent and RFID compatible

    Datastretch: elastic conductive yarn

    • 5,0Ohms/m
    • 30 per cent elastic elongation
    • 0,15g/m
    • Black color
Datatrans Radioclear

High temperature sewing yarns Thermosew 3Z

For the manufacturing of thermal insulation solutions the yarns, Thermosew 3Z also have a high conductivity and great antistatic safety properties.


  • Z twist and thin PTFE coating to get a better slippage rate of the yarn.
  • High temperature resistant for sewing, embroidery or clothing of thermal insulation solutions.
  • Sweat, oxidation, salty water and industrial washing resistant.
  • Constant electric and thermal conductivities, with or without mechanical stress, which provide them with very good antistatic properties in safety purposes within filters for instance.
  • Very good flexibility which allows small bending radius within textiles or composite parts.
  • High fatigue withstanding.

The Thermosew 3Z is perfect to link thermostable panels with very high temperatures.

Thermosew by TIBTECH

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