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Surface sensors or flexible and stretchable data transfer bus for connection transfer or deformation monitoring

Surface sensors

Flexible RFID antennas and yarns withstanding industrial washing.

    The non-insulated heating Thermotech "NW" yarns (protected by a binder)

    Thermotech NW wires are in fact Thermotech N wires, that are protected by an synthetic warping that allow easier subsequent textiles of RFID processes:
    They remain conductive on surface and allow cross conductivity in cas of yarns crossing in weaving, knitting or embroidery.
the CONDUCTIB insulated wires are available in the following resistivity range:
  • Thermotech NW14 14,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW30 30,0 ohm/m
  • Thermotech NW60 60,0 ohm/m
TIBTECH Thermotech NW30 avec guipage de protection

    Thermoflex NW: stainless ultra fine micro multi-filaments threads family

    • Protected by a thin protecting wrapping to facilitate subsequent textile transformation processes.
    • Good flexibility
    • High mechanical and thermal fatigue withstanding.
    • Constant conductivity with or without mechanical stress.
    • Special micro multi-filaments structure , existing in several thicknesses
      • 0,05 gr/m (50 tex), electrical resistivity of 130 Ohms/meter
      • 0,10 gr/m (97 tex), electrical resistivity of 68 Ohms/meter
      • 0,15 gr/m (150 tex), electrical resistivity of 45 Ohms/meter
      • 0,28 gr/m (280 tex), electrical resistivity of 30 Ohms/meter
    • High mechanical strength.
    • High temperature resistant: up to 600°C, or even more when they are protected from oxidation (neutral environment).
    • Outstanding performances for RFID applications, with a very good resistance to industrial washings.
    • Great resistance to sweat, oxidation, salty water and industrial washing.
TIBTECH Thermoflex NW

Stretchable data transfer bus or narrow fabric for specific connections :

Special alloy wires :

Tungsten multi-filaments for heating, cutting or high temperature applications:

These thin heating yarns are manufactured from metal complex which includes Tungsten.

These yarns are characterized by:

  • High mechanical resistance especially at high temperatures
  • Maximum melting point temperature around 3400°C
  • Very low thermal expansion factor
  • Standard diameter: 25 micrometres
Bobine tungstene

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