THERMOTECH NW-30 : Protected Non-insulated Heating Yarn (30Ω/m)

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- Sold on 50m and 250m bobbins -

Protected Non-insulated conductive heating yarn

Diameter : 0.30 mm

Resistivity : 30 Ω/m

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HeatingSemi-insulated yarns
ConducteurSemi-insulated yarns
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The THERMOTECH NW-30 is a non-insulated conductive heating yarn protected with a polyamid cover

The "W" version is covered with polyamid which gives it an easier handling, especially when it is mixed to textile or composit materials.

It's made of very flexible micro-filaments, with a diameter which reaches 0.30 mm and a resistivity which reaches 30 ohms per meter.

Sold on 50m and 250m bobbins


- Resistant to fatigue effects and repeated bendings.

- Very flexible yarn, which bring energy exactly where it needs to.

Remark : Be careful, the polyamid cover is not completely waterproof, especially with humidity or sweat



- Used for temperature under 220°C

- Garment using: use limited voltage (less than 24V) and low intensity. Avoid exceeding 40°C.

- For any other using, it must be done in industrial setting.

- In case of the yarn would be included within flexible composit, the influence of additional insulation should be taken into account (Also if the yarn is used in other fluids than the air). Indeed, these additional insulations can increase the temperature of the yarn even with equal power, because of the heat exchange which would be absent in this situation



- Please respect temperature, voltage and intensity adviced

- Burning or short circuit risks.


TIBTECH Innovations will not be hold responsible for any mishap or problem due to a non-conform use of this products.

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