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Metallic or conductives yarns and fabrics for energy transfer
or storage in technical textiles or composites

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Our belief:
"The best potential of innovation is laying at the crossroad between people, technologies and materials"
Our best model : Nature ... !
"Most of fascinating present or future innovations are already existing somehow or somewhere in Nature !"

Metallic yarns and flexible conductive grids or fabrics :

We develop and produce energy conductive or resistive yarns,
and we insert them in flexible strips or complex shape fabrics to fulfill your industrial needs of energy transfer.

    News  By "Energy transfer" we mean:

    • electrical or magnetic energy
    • optical energy
    • thermal energy (thermal energy controlled by thermal transfer fluids or materials)
    • chemical energy, and more generally all type of energy

    News  by "conductive, fuctional or resistive fibers", we mean:

    • different types of conductive or resistive metal alloys and stainless steel fibers
    • CARBON fibers
    • metal, grafted or coated fibers
    • multicomposant yarns as well as doped thermoplastics or resins
    • optical fibers
    • capillary fibers or micro tubes for thermal transfer fluids

    News  By flexible structures we mean:

    • Easy to bend or fold Multi-Filaments, yarns or fabrics, withstanding mechanical bending or thermal cycle fatigue strain, or washing constraints.

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