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News  TIBGRID: New concept of electro heating flexible open grids


News  BI-STRETCH heating membrane stretchable in multi directions!

bi stretchable heating grids from TIBTECH

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News  HEATDESIGN Flexible tailored designed heating surfaces according to your parts drawings

tailored heating grids HEATDESIGN tailored deicing grids

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News  TIBTISS-ISOWATT 2000: flexible heating woven fabric for rectangular shapes:

If you need a constant power per surface unit for surfaces of rectangular shapes , in your flexible or rigid composite, we suggest you use our TIBTISS-ISOWATT 2000 is a 2,10m width fabric made for industrial De-icing large rectangular surface: Its is sold in rolls of 10 meters length and width of 2,10 meters (2,00 meters heating zone)

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News  THERMOTAPE: flexible electro heating ribbons or tapes:

TIBTECH thermotape

The flexible electro heating ribbon THERMOTAPE, is available in 18mm width and 2,6 Ohms/m. Ribbons are also available for specific applications in different width and power range. They can easily be intergrated in various flexible textile structures, or on variously shaped more rigid structures as rubber or composites by example.

News   HEATPADS: Pre connected Electro heating pads


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TIBTECH conductive plastics and compounds

News   Composite applications

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