News  High temperature Contact materials for automotive glass or metal industry

ex:automotive glass forming,tempering or quenching
Glass molding fabric glass quenching
  • TIBLOCH 720 and TIBLOCH 100 SQUARE quench tape for glass forming in automotive glass industry :

  • TIBLOCH 100 ; largeur 100mm ouverture ultra fine TIBLOCH toile de trempe

    description of the quenching process:

    During the bending process of multilayers glass, a flow of cold air is projected against the hot glass to quench rapidly and evenly the auromotive glass to optimize its mechanical properties.

    To avoid marks on the hot glass during this strainfull process, a first important issue is to have an even contact material that supports the high pressure forming process as well as the weight of the glass itself without marking the still soft hot glass.
    The second and most important issue is to allow an even quenching process: Tis is achieved with TIBLOCH because of its remarkable and even air flow ratio, even on the side of the glass that are supported by the hollow frame allowing easy air flow through the TIBLOCH.

    Furthermore, the excellent stretchability of the TIBLOCH in both directions allow an easy and lasting laying on the tooling .

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