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Sorting of the best conductive materials or metals, related to their density

Metal fiber Conductivity by density

conductivity by density

Conductive material related to density

This chart illustrates the conductivity of metallic materials divised by the density. It clearly indicates the best conductive materials by weight unit. (siemens/(g/cm3))

  • In this case, Aluminium is confirmed as being one of the best material, but one has to consider also other issues than density: as by example mecanical strength, behavior against corrosion, melting point, fatigue effect in flexible structures or conductive yarns, price issue etc..
  • In composite structures or hybrids tehchnical yarns, one has also to consider the relative density of the final material
  • By example, a stainless steel has a density of 7,9 g/cm3 , but our new TIBTECH PAM/stainless fiber composite (dry impregnation) has a density of less than 4

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Summary or main properties of metallic or electro heating or conductive yarns


This resume is only given as an indication of how to choose one material or the other, according to what is expected as being the most importants properties required

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