TIBTECH Activities

TIBTECH is the specialist of niche flexible products made out of selected electro conductive fibers

As conductive fibers, we mean all sort of METALLIC fibers ALLOYS
but also CARBON like fibers or DOPED THERMOPLASTICS.
On a wider approach, TIBTECH is also dealing with ENERGY TRANSFER or storage materials as optical fibers, led wires or fluid transfer, as well as working on specific concept as chemical multi composant structures

strategic focus

Strategic focus

                We generally work at first in partnership with our industrial custommers research centers, often large international groups, to supply them at term with the right product corresponding to their need, or to develop it for their applications.
                TIBTECH sells more than 65% at export.

                Tibtech  small range of selected raw materials:

                We work from a small range of selected raw materials, purchased under very tight quality controll requirements, and focussed mainly on electro conductive fibers or filaments.
                For specific applications, we can also associate them to other materials as high tenacity fibers, CHIMERE water dissolvable filaments or other thermoplastics.

                Tibtech  transversality: wide range of transformation technologies

                Through our subcontractors or our own processes, we transform these conductive fibers a wide range of technical textiles, plasturgy or related technologies.

                • fibers or filaments transformation processes: fiber cutting, compounding, top making, stretch breaking, spinning or twisting
                • technical textiles transformation steps: braiding, knitting, weaving, non woven, multi-layers
                • other related processes: plasturgy, coating, electronics, batteries or electrical connexions etc...

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    Tibtech  For niche markets applications exploiting the properties of the energy transfer materials:

    examples of markets:

    Tibtech  Or for industries needing our intermediate products: metallic fiber, rovings, Yarns, braids...

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