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Antistatic or electromagnetic shielding fabric

Tibmesh safety conductive fabrics and thermal gradient homogenization

Ultra-thin conductive, light and flexible cloth which is usually inserted between the heating fabric and the outer layer of the composite mold. These metallic fabrics have three main functions:
  • Thermal gradient homogenization: the heat generated by the resistive circuit is more evenly spread in between each wire sections.
  • Safety: except for very low tension applications, we strongly recommend to connect the Tibmesh conductive fabric to the ground. In case of accidental damage of the mold or composite part , this grounding will minimize electric shock risk by switching off the power supply.
  • Electro-magnetic shielding or induction heating of composite parts for the stainless version.
  • Commercialized in two versions:
    • Tibmesh 50 micrometres (75g/m²) stainless steel : sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.
    • Tibmesh Cu copper base (75g/m²): sold in 1m width and 10m long rolls.
    Note: available for sale by the meter:
Link to the sale by meter Tibmesh / Link to the sale by meter Tibmesh Cu

Tibshield: electro-magnetic shielding fabrics for composite applications

We offer two types of light but very efficient electro-magnetic shielding fabrics:
  • Tibshield TIAD35-NP: areal weight: 85 g/m²: rip stop reinforced woven structure shielding above 70dB from 3 to 10MHz.
  • Tibshield TISDI-135-PN: areal weight: 45g/m²: ultra-thin, light, open and flexible mesh structure with homogeneous shielding properties. Shielding between 3 MHz and 10 MHz higher than 50dB. Sold in 10m long 1.4m wide rolls.

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